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Business Continuity Planning

At Netcorp IT, Business Continuity Planning is a major part of what we offer.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is an essential process that outlines the strategies a business will take to stay operational in case of any unforeseen service interruption. It’s more detailed than a Disaster Recovery plan, covering all aspects and resources of the enterprise, from assets and processes to human capital and partners. That way, your company can be assured it has contingencies for every possible outcome!

At Netcorp IT, Business Continuity Planning is a major part of what we offer. We start by getting to know the organisation; its applications, and core functions. Once we have this information in hand, we can then create an effective plan that reduces risk and guarantees business continuity even when there are potential outages or disruptions. With our strong BCP plans in place, your company will be able to stay up-and-running no matter what obstacles come its way!

A Successful Business Continuity Plan:



Investing in training is an essential component of any successful business. By providing employees with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver quality services and products, organisations can remain competitive in their respective industries while also decreasing operational costs due to improved efficiency. As such, investing resources into properly educating staff will prove invaluable for both short-term and long-term successes.


Accurate & Up to Date Information

Having the right information is an integral step in building a successful plan. You should determine which applications, processes, and people require the most consideration and prioritisation.



Once the main components are identified, plans and strategies should be created to reduce downtime and prevent any potential risks. It is essential that both technological advances as well as changes in processes are taken into consideration when attempting to minimise risk.

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